Three sisters are facing an impending disaster: the imminent flooding by the Sea of the lands where they live. In the midst of such chaos, the sisterly union is shaken up and each of the sisters experiences the imminence of death, in their inner selves, in a different way.

Release year : 2019

Duration : 15mn

Directors : Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier


  • Short Grand Prix at the Warsaw International Film Festival 2019
  • Best Animation Short Film in the International Film Festival of Guayaquil 2019
  • Audience Award at the International Animation Film Festival of Paris 2019
  • Nomination Award at Xiamen Cybersousa 2019
  • Best Animated Short Film at the Findecoin Festival 2020 of Puerto La Cruz
  • Audience Award For a Professionnal Film at the National Animation Film Festival 2020 in Rennes
  • Best Animation Short Film Award at the Golden Ger International Film Festival 2020 in Ulaanbaatar

Scenario and dialogs : Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier

Translations : Camille Pesquer

Art Direction : Frédéric Even, Louise Mercadier

Camera and lights : Simon Filliot

Editing : Elisa Zurfluh Faggianelli

Voices : Raph, Diane Rouxel, Anamaria Vartolomei, Jean-Yves Lissonnet

Sets manager : Jean-Marc Ogier

Sets : Hugues Brière, Fabienne Collet, Maude Gallon, Louise Mercadier

Sets preparation : Hugues Brière

Puppets : David Roussel, Anna Deschamps, Louise Mercadier, Sarah Van den Boom, David Thomasse, Quentin Lemouland

Costumes : Jade Van Den Boom

Sets and puppet interns : Lara Matterlart, Kristina Vorobyeva

Animation : Gilles Coirier, Souad Wedell,
Marion Le Guillou

Compositing : Thomas Machart

Colour grading : Marie Gascoin

Music : Vladimir Zurfluh Faggianelli, Priam Desmond

Musicians : Dominique Bonin (orgue), Priam Desmond (saz), Paul Void (batterie)

Sound Design : Pierre Caillet

Foley : Daniel Gries

Foley recording : Matthieu Langlet

Sound mix : Matthieu Langlet

Producer Papy3D : Richard Van Den Boom

Production assistant Papy3D : Alice Mallaroni

Producers JPL Films : Jean-François Bigot, Camille Raulo

Production assistant JPL Films : Emmanuel Renaud

Production accouting JPL Films : Isabelle Geffroy

Volume animation studio : JPL Films

Voices recording studio : TVS

Music recording studio : Conservatoire Châtenay-Malabry

Foley recording studio : Yellow Cab

Sound mix studio : Creative Sound

Image post-production studio : Digital Cut

Supported by : the CNC, the Bretagne region, Arte France, Procirep and Angoa

Frédéric Even et Louise Mercadier

Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier are two self-taught directors: he graduated in general literature and comparative studies at the Sorbonne; she studied social science at Paris I University and sculpture and animation at the beaux-arts ateliers in Paris. After their studies, they became interested in animated films in stop-motion. Fascinated by this technique, they decided to make their first self-produced animated short film, Metamorphosis, a loose adaptation of Kafka’s short story. The film was quite successful at festivals.
They then wrote the script for a second stop-motion animated short film: Sororelle. In addition to their personal projects, Frédéric is a high school literature teacher in Seine-Saint-Denis, France, and Louise leads audiovisual initiation workshops for various audiences. For example, she led for a year directing workshops in migrant workers’ homes in Paris and created an animated film in volume with children hospitalized in three European hospitals. Sororelle is their first professional film.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Festivals and screenings

  • Aisne Ciné-Jeune 2020 - Competition
  • Aubagne International Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Bali Minikino Film Week 2020 - Competition
  • Ballymahon Still Voices Short Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Barcelone Mecal 2020 - Competition
  • Berkeley GLAS 2019 - Competition
  • Bludenz Alpinale 2020 - Competition
  • Bologne Tout Court 2020 - Showcase
  • Budapest Short Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Conversano Imaginaria 2020 - Competition
  • Fréjus Short Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Gran Canaria Animayo 2020 - Competition
  • Grenoble Outdoor Short Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Gyor Mediawave "On the Road" 2020 - Competition
  • Huesca International Short Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Lanzarote Festival internacional de cine 2020 - Competition
  • Lenzing Festival des Nations 2020 - Competition
  • Lleida Animac 2020 - Competition
  • Meknes FICAM 2020 - Competition
  • Miami International Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Montevideo World Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Neum Animated Film Festival 2020 - Showcase
  • Pontarlier Animation Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Puerto la Cruz Findecoin 2020 - Competition
  • Rennes National Animation Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Rouen Courtivore 2020 - Competition
  • Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2020 - Competition
  • Ulaanbaatar Golden Ger International Film Festival 2020 - Competition
  • Vaulx en Velin French-speaking short film festival 2020 - Competition
  • Vienna Tricky Women 2020 - Competition
  • Alcalá de Henares Festival de Cine Alcine 2019 - Competition
  • Amsterdam Kaboom 2019 - Competition
  • Condom Short Film Festival in Armagnac 2019 - Competition
  • Espinho Cinanima 2019 - Competition
  • Guayaquil International Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Moncton FICFA 2019 - Competition
  • Paris International Animation Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Rome Independent Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Sacramento French Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Tallinn PÖFF Shorts 2019 - Competition
  • Vancouver Spark Animation Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Varsovie Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Villeurbanne Short Film Festival 2019 - Competition
  • Yerevan Reanimania 2019 - Competition
  • Xiamen Cybersousa International Animation Festival 2019 - Competition

Broadcasts and theatrical screenings

  • Arte (2019)
  • Distribution in french movie theatres through the Bretagne Tout Court network of Cinephare and the French Short Film Agency (2020)