May 2011 -- agenda

2011, april 8

  • 28 of april to 8, Brussels Short Film Festival :
    Screening in competition of Love Patate
  • 2 to 7, Beyrouth Animated :
    Screening of The Skeleton-Woman
  • 5 to 10, Miami Romance in a Can:
    Screening in competition of The Skeleton-Woman
  • 8, Providence Womananimation :
    Screening of The Skeleton-Woman
  • 18, Rouen Courtivore :
    Screening in competition of Love Patate
  • 22, CinĂ©ma des CinĂ©astes in Paris:
    Screening within the Week-ends du court of La Femme-Squelette and of Reflets


Papy3D is a production company founded by a fellowship of animation film directors. As they all had experience in directing animation films, they wanted to create a production company which would allow them to have a better control over their work.