"Sororal" Short Grand Prix in Warsaw! -- award

2019, october 19


Sororal by Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier, coproduced by JPL Films, wins the Short Grand Prix at at the International Film Festival of Warsaw!

Some new awards! -- awards

2019, october 14

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins no less than the Best Festival Short Film Award at the Brisbane International Film Festival 2019, as well as the Best Beast Award at the Corto e Fieno festival 2019 in Omegna.

As for Roughhouse, it wins a Special mention in the Viborg Animation Festival 2019 !

"Roughhouse" awarded in Trujillo! -- awards

2019, october 4

Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson wins the Short Film Animation Award at the Trujillo International Independent Film Festival (FICIT-PERU) 2019 !

"Roughhouse" awarded in Bristol Encounters! -- award

2019, september 28

Roughhouse by Jonathan Hodgson wins the Best of British Animation Award in the Bristol Encounters festival 2019 !

"Raymonde or the vertical escape" awarded in Montreal! -- award

2019, september 26

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins the Best Professional Film Award in the Stopmotion Festival in Montreal !


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