"My Home" et "In Deep Waters" at the Animation Crossroads  -- event

2014, november 15

Papy3D will be this year part of the Animation Crossroads (Carrefour du cinéma d'animation in french), in the "Forum des images" of Paris, with no less than its two new films, My Home by Phuong Mai Nguyen and In Deep Waters by  Sarah Van Den Boom.

This screening, with a program of new animation short films, will be the only preview showing of both films in France. Mark the date and hour : Saturday the 6th of december, at 6:00 PM.

The web site of the "Carrefour du cinéma d'animation" can be seen using the following link (in french).


Papy3D is a production company founded by a fellowship of animation film directors. As they all had experience in directing animation films, they wanted to create a production company which would allow them to have a better control over their work.