"My Home" and "In Deep Waters" in Annecy and elsewhere!  -- festivals

2015, march 31

The first selections in festivals are starting to arrive for our two new films, My Home by Phuong Mai Nguyen and In Deep Waters by Sarah Van Den Boom.

They make a strong start by both being selected for the Annecy International Animation Festival, the first in showcase, the second in competition.

But it doesn't stop there! My Home is entering the following festivals :

  • Animafest 2015 in Zagreb, in competition
  • Plein la bobine 2015 in La Bourboule, in competition
  • Mo&Friese Children Short Film Festival 2015 in Hambourg, in competition

As for In Deep Waters, it's entering the following festivals :

  • Animated Film Festival 2015 in Neum, in competition

Besides, In Deep Waters has been bought by the France 3 channel and is entering the Short Film Agency RADI catalog.

Rather a nice start for each film!


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