"Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape" awarded in Trieste ShorTS -- awards

2019, july 8

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins the "Premiere Film Award" in Trieste ShorTS !

"Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape" awarded in Brooklyn! -- awards

2019, june 10

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins the "Best Animation" Award in the Brooklyn Film Festival !

"Per Aspera Ad Astra" awarded by Unifrance! -- awards

2019, may 24

What a start! Per Aspera Ad Astra wins the Unifrance "Moviestar" award for a short film, given during the Cannes Festival !

You can the whole winners list here (in french).

Papy3D in Annecy 2019!  -- diffusion

2019, may 11

Per Aspera Ad Astra, the new Franck Dion's film, has a strong festival career start with selections in Animafest Zagreb and Annecy!

It's also nominated for the André Martin Award, given during the Annecy festival, alongside Roughhouse!


Papy3D is a production company founded by a fellowship of animation film directors. As they all had experience in directing animation films, they wanted to create a production company which would allow them to have a better control over their work.