Earth Coal

In the countryside of yesteryear, mines and factories, these men of the past seem to share the same pains. Something seems to resonate in us today, perhaps it is only an illusion or perhaps it is simply the humble daily life.

Release year : 2024

Duration : 14mn

Director : Bastien Dupriez


Scenario : Antoine Béague

Art : Bastien Dupriez

Edit : Bastien Dupriez

Sets : Bastien Dupriez

Music : Pierre Caillet, Yan Volsy

Musicians : David Aknin (batterie), Laurent Bardainne (saxophone), Maxime Delpierre (Guitare), Theo Girard (Contrebasse), Pierre Caillet, Yan Volsy

Sound Design : Pierre Caillet, Yan Volsy

Mix : Matthieu Langlet

Animation : Bastien Dupriez, Johann Etrillard

Compositing : Bastien Dupriez

Executive Producer : Bastien Dupriez

Producer : Richard Van Den Boom

Music Studio : Sequenza

Sound Post-production Studio : La Puce à l'Oreille

Supported by : the CNC, Pictanovo - région Hauts de France, the Procirep and the Angoa

Bastien Dupriez

Native from the Lille region, Bastien graduated from a DMA animation cinema in 2014 at the E.S.A.A.T of Roubaix. He works as a set designer, and develops his own short film projects. Passionate about music and the interaction it can have with abstract animation, he makes it one of the axes of his artistic approach.

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