"Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape" Vimeo Staff Pick Premiere! -- event

2020, March 18


Great news, you can watch online Raymonde or the vertical escape by Sarah Van Den Boom as it is released on Vimeo as Staff Pick Premiere!

Come to discover here, if you hadn't before, the bitter-sweet story of our brave old owl!

On the way, you can find here the interview of the director by the Vimeo team.

Some last awards! -- awards

2020, march 14

Raymonde or the vertical escape wins what could be its last award as Best Short Animation Award at the Chennai International Short Film Festival!

As for Roughhouse, it wins no less than Best Short Film at the British Animation Awards 2020!

"Sororal" awarded in Findecoin! -- award

2020, march 1st


Sororal by Frédéric Even and Louise Mercadier, coproduced with JPL Films, wins the Award for the Best Animated Short Film at the Findecoin Festival 2020 of Puerto La Cruz!

"Per Aspera Ad Astra" awarded in Jaipur! -- awards

2020, january 28

Per Aspera Ad Astra has been given a Special Mention in the International Film Festival in Jaipur!


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