There's no stopping it! -- awards

2021, September 25


What resonates in silence by Marine Blin wins the Best Animation Award at the Shorts festival in Mexico!

Congratulations again, Marine, and thanks a lot to the Jury!

"What resonates in silence" highlighted in Fantoche! -- award

2021, September 18


What resonates in silence by Marine Blin has just been distinguished with a Special Mention at the Fantoche festival in Baden!

"What resonates in silence" awarded at FIC La Paz! -- awards

2021, September 12

What resonates in silence by Marine Blin win its first trophy as Best Animation Film at the FIC festival in La Paz, in Bolivia!

Congratulations, Marine, and thanks to the jury!

What's cooking at Papy3D?... -- news

2021, May 5


The pandemy, which makes our current life miserable and forced many into premature mourning, didn't stop us working on our future films and projects.

Here is a quick overview of what's cooking here:

  • First of all, Gilles Cuvelier is giving the final touches to his new film, Little Puncher, coproduced by Arte France and supported by the CNC, Pictanovo, the Procirep and the Angoa. Release planned for the end of the year!
  • Gaïa Mendzylewski works on her first professional short film, Hi! How are you?, also planned for the end of 2021 and supported by the CNC, the Procirep and the Angoa..
  • Finally, the production of Marie Vieillevie's first professional short film, Kaminhu, has stared and should take the rest of 2021 and the begining of 2022. It is supported by the CNC, the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, France 3 broadcast, the Procirep and the Angoa.

In parallel, we are developping new projects with Camille Authouart, Daria Kashcheeva and Sarah Van Den Boom, whose productions are planned for 2022.

We believe this should yield a nice enough bunch of films indeed.


Papy3D is a production company founded by a fellowship of animation film directors. As they all had experience in directing animation films, they wanted to create a production company which would allow them to have a better control over their work.