Falter Bramnk

Falter Bramnk is a talented french composer, improvisor and sound designer, who lives and works in Lille (France). He started with music for theater, video art, then contemporary dance and at present mainly compose for short (fiction and animated) films. He plays and composes with live bands (currently the band Grand Orchestre de Muzzix).
He has designed the sounds and composed the music of Love Patate.

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Franck Dion

Franck Dion has made good use of his talent in multiple areas along the years. He first took lessons to become an actor in the American Center, then in the “Théâtre de l’Archet”. At the same time, he became passionate about cinema and learned by himself to sculpt, to draw and to paint. He worked with editors and magazines, designed theatre sceneries and animations for documentary films.

He has in particular directed the animation short films Phantom Inventory and with Papy3D Mister COK, Edmond was a donkeyThe Head Vanishes et Per Aspera Ad Astra.

He's one of the founders of Papy3D but is no longer active in the company.

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Zoé Goetgheluck

Zoé Goetgheluck is above all a sculptor. But her interest in everything concerning volumes has brought her to stopmotion movies. She has created the sets for Vincent Bierrewaerts's film Le pont (prod : Les Films du Nord) before working, with Franck Dion, on the ones for Mister COK and Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Pierre Yves Drapeau

Since many years, Pierre Yves designs has been designing the sound environment of many films produced by the NFB, bringing along his undemented hearing quality and perspicacity.
He has designed the sound of Edmond was a donkey, In Deep WatersThe Head Vanishes and Per Aspera Ad Astra.

Website :

Phuong Mai Nguyen

Phuong Mai Nguyen is an animation director born in Hochiminh City, Vietnam but who now lives in Paris. She graduated the La Poudrière school in Valence, where  directed a few short films such as Hors d'usage, Mourir d'aimer, Un vrai petit génie and Point de fuite.

She now works in various commercials, TV series and short films as art designer, director, and/or animator.

Papy3D produced her first professional film : My Home.

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Jérôme Rossi

Jérôme's style as a composer, based on improvisation, is influenced by romantic and contempary music, by jazz and electronic musics. His orchestration background allows him to write or adapt scores for symphonic orchestras.
He has worked on all Suki's films and in particular he has written the music for Reflections and N'Djekoh.

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Suki, whose real name is Grégory Sukiennik, is an animation director. He has directed among others Reflections and N'Djekoh, the later being produced by Papy3D.

He's one of the founders of Papy3D but is no longer active in the company.

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Yan Volsy

Yan is a talented sound editor, musician and sound engineer. He's essentially working for documentaries and animation films, after working during ten years for various theater plays and video games.
He has designed the sounds and composed the music of My HomeRaymonde or the vertical escape and Roughhouse.

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Alcimé is an association based in Aubagne, France, in charge among others missions of organizing the Aubagne Film Festival and providing financial support for original music in short films with the support of the Sacem.
It has supported My Home.

Web site :

Arte France

Arte is a germano-french broadcast which provides a lot of support for animation short films. It co-produced :

has supported :

and has bought:

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The Bretagne region financially support cinema and short films in particular.
It has supported Raymonde or the vertical escape and Sororal.

Web site :

Canal +

Canal+ is a french boadcast which supports and distribute animation short films.
It has supported Mister COKLove Patate and has bought The Ogre.

Web site :

CICLIC - Centre-Val de Loire region

Ciclic, the regional agency of Centre-Val de Loire for books, image and digital culture, is a cultural public service founded in 2012, which in particular lead an active support policy toward animation. Not only does it provides financial support, including for production, but it also manages a modern animation residency, offering studios and housing, as well as a securing environment for directors.
It has supported Riga's Lilac.

Web site dedicated to animation:


The 'Centre National de la Cinématographie et de l'Image animée' is the main french public office to support cinema.

It provided financial support for :

Web site :

France Télévision

France Télévision is a french multiple-channels broadcast which provides a lot of support for animation short films.
It supported:

and has purchased:

Web site :

Le Fresnoy

National studio of Modern Arts based in Tourcoing, France, Le Fresnoy supports production of films through free access to its state-of-the-art post-production facilities, particularly its auditorium.
It has supported Mister COKLove Patate and Raymonde or the vertical escape.

Web site :

La Maison du Film

La Maison du Film (The Film House) is an association based in Paris, France, in charge among others missions of providing financial support for original music in short films with the support of the Sacem.
It has supported Child Dream and Raymonde or the vertical escape.

Web site :

Paris City Council

The Paris City Council provides financial support for short films productions.
It has supported Edmond was a donkey and In Deep Waters.

The page of the Short film support program on the Paris City Council Web site (in french) :


Pictanovo, formerly the CRRAV, is a movie-supporting office in the Hauts de France region of France.
It has financially supported ;

Web site :

Procirep - Angoa / Agicoa

PROCIREP, civilian society of Cinema and Broadcast Producers , defends and represent french producers in matters of copyrights and similar.
It offers financial support for films (feature and shorts) as well as television shows.
It provided support for :

Web site :

The Rhone-Alpes Council

The Rhone-Alpes Council financially support production of feature and short films
It provided support to My HomeThe Ogre and Kaminhu.

The page of the Short film support program on the Rhone-Alpes Web site :


Unifrance is a french association that helps to promote french cinema all around the world, particularly in helping registrations of films to festivals and providing help for film promotion and subtitling, which benefited:

Web site :

The Val de Marne Council

The Val de Marne council financially supported short film production.
It has supported Palmipedarium and In Deep Waters.

The page of the Short film support program on the Val de Marne council Web site :

Comrades of Arms

The Short Film Agency (Agence du court-métrage)

The Short Film Agency is the main french association dedicated to the promotion and distribution of short films. It keeps a large catalog of short films which can be rent by movie theatres to screen in programs or before feature films. It also manages the RADI, a network of movie theatres which subscribe to be able to screen at will the films in the RADI catalog. It manages the Shorter Day, a french short film national event occuring on the 21st of december. It also distributes commercialy short films, including internationaly, through the "Regie TV".

All Papy3D films are registered in the Agency catalog and distributed through the "Regie TV". Most of them are available in the RADI network.

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The "Association Française pour le Cinéma d'Animation" is a french association, much like ASIFAs around the world, that vouched to promote animation through large manifestations like the Auch Festival or the Animation Day, but also through support to producers and writers..

Web site :

Fous d'Anim

A Nord-Pas de Calais (region of France)-based association, founded by ESAAT animation teachers in Roubaix.
Among other activities, it maintain a very lively animation site, with a small but famous animation competition called Défidefous and very dynamix forums where professionals, students and passionates alike discuss.

Web site :


A blog of a journalist specialized in animation, Alexis Hunot. News, passionate commentaries and uncompromising opinions.

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Atom Art

Atom Art is a latvian production company specialized in animation.
It coproduces Riga's Lilac.

Web site :

Hodgson Films

Hodgson Films is Jonathan Hodgson's production company, that he uses to produce most of his films.
It coproduces Roughhouse.

Web site :

JPL Films

Founded in the middle of the 90s, JPL Films is one of the most famous animation production company, known in particular for its expertise in stop motion animation, but also for its feature films like Louise in winter by Jean-François Laguionie. It also produces numerous programs in breton for local broadcasts.
It coproduced Raymonde or the vertical escape and Sororal.

Web site :


The canadian National Film Board supports the canadian movie production, as well as regularly participating in international co-productions, in particular with France.
It co-produced Edmond was a donkeyIn Deep Waters and The Head Vanishes.

Web site :



Studio Train-Train

Based in Hellemmes, France, the Train-Train studio is specialized in animating and making animation movies.
The animation of the following films was made there :

Web site :

Vanilla Seed

3D animation and post-production studio based in Lyon.
It will work on Edmond Was A Donkey and Palmipedarium.

Web site :

Color By Dejonghe

Post-production studio in Belgium, offering in particular 35mm services.
It has made the film prints of :

Web site :

Digital Cut

Video post-production studio based in Paris, offering DCP, digital grading, edition and tape export services.
It has made the video copies and/or the digital grading of :

Web site :

Sequenza Studio

Sequenza is a music recording studio based in Montreuil, in the Paris area.
Musics for the following films were recorded there :

Web site :

Lylo Studio

Lylo is a sound post-production studio located in the Paris 5th district.
The sound post-production for My Home and the recording of voices for Raymonde or the vertical escape was done there.

Web site :

One Two Pass It Studio

One Two Pass It is a music recording studio based in Bagnolet, in the Paris area.
Music for My Home was recorded there.

Web site :

Yellow Cab Studio

Yellow Cab is a sound recording and post-production studio based in Paris and Aubervilliers. It has a particularly remarkable foley studio
Sounds for the following films were recorded there :

Web site :

Acme Filmworks

Acme Filmworks is an Hollywood-based studio, specialized in production of animated commercials. It represents many famous animated short films directors is the USA.

Web site :


Free software


Free office suite, complete and multiplatform, used internally within Papy3D.

Web site :


Free 3D Creation Suite, complete and multiplatform.
Used to fabricate Palmipedarium.

Web site :


Free multimedia player, complete and multiplatform, used internally within Papy3D.

Web site :


Powerful command-line tool to manipulate audio and video files. It supports a huge number of codecs and filters. Used internally for format conversions and for DVD authoriting.

Web site :


The best h264 codec according to all reviews. Free and multiplatform.

Web site :


DCP creation tool, free and multiplatform. Still a bit young but promising.

Web site :